API Status

And I haven’t forgotten this either…

After reviewing the code again, what I will do is release a version that will operate a limited set of MSTS controls, in particular the electric locomotive type and one or two types of braking shortly – as this is already working and it gets something out there.

I will also release the sample application that goes with it, with the related VB code.

If I get a few free hours this weekend I’ll try and get it posted by Sunday night.

Still here…

Well, I am still here – unfortunately my real job has intruded a bit and detracted from hobby time.

However, it has not all been a waste, I managed to pick up one of these in April:

My new master controller

Yes, it’s yet another Red Rattler master controller – this one is complete – I do have one already installed, however after a bit of a touch-up I think this one is in better condition and will put it in.

I also picked up and started working on the 32 port digital I/O module