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For some time now I have been collecting drawings and blueprints from the former New South Wales Government Railways. My main focus has been on steam engine drawings, however I have been happy to take whatever I can get my hands on.

Most of my collection are drawings generated by the NSWGR themselves, primarily for locomotive parts however there are also a substantial collection of tool drawings, which are of considerable interest in their own right.

This list that is published here is incomplete – I have in excess of 1000 drawings, however so far I have lacked the time to sit down and catalogue the entire collection, it is one of those “I’ll get to it” things – however this is what I have catalogued so far.

Plan Number Title Date
1774 AD60 Box Stoker Piston Rod Stuffing 27/5/63
1782 Nathan Four Way Distributor Nipple 13/6/63
1790 D59 Single Straight Terminal Check 20/6/63
1791 Double Straight Terminal Check DV4-5 Lub 24/6/63
36741 Pneumatic Sand Gear Operating Plug Cock 11/4/33
36958 Arch Tube and Ferrule Standard Boiler Engs Class D50,53,55 15/8/33
38425 Alteration to Existing Smokebox to Suite Standard Boilers D55 Class 19/9/34
40621 Brick Arch Stud Recess Under Head 11/6/34
42268 Condemning Sizes of Engine and Tender Axles 19/7/37
44654 Beading Tools for Standard Boiler Arch Tubes & Bushes 9/1/39
44916 Boilers Class C36/35,38,D57,58,59,60 Fusible Plug
45269 Engines Class C35 Firebox Brick Arch in Raised Position 29/5/32
45488 Engines Class C35 Firebox Brick Arch in Raised Position 6/6/39
45846 Engines Class D53 and 55 Firebox Brick Arch 31/10/39
47527 Extended Coupler Shan for tenders fitted with friction draft gear & Auto. Coupler 3650 & 4000 Gall. Tenders 11/3/41
50189 Combined Brick Arch Stud and Wall Stay 7/8″ Dia. To 1 1/8″ Dia. 23/12/42
59035 Test Stand For Nathan Type D.V. Mechanical Lubricator Frame Detail 14/12/50
59037 Test Stand For Nathan Type D.V. V-Belt Sheave Details
60789 Engines Class C34 Diagram Showing Plan of Brick Arch Arrangements 10/9/47
65038 Engines Class D55 Detail of Hopper Ashpan 18/4/50
67444 Boiler Class C36,C36/35,C38,D57,D58,AD60 Automatic Blow-Down Valve Seating 4/7/51
67445 Boiler Class C36,C36/35,C38,D57,D58,AD60 Automatic Blow-Down Valve Filter Tube 4/7/51
69546 Enginemen’s Seats Details 23/9/52
69633 Sectional Expanders for Firebox end of 2″O.D. Steel Tubes 22/8/52
69919 Engines Class AD60 Location of Tender Warning Plates 7/10/52
70413 Engines Class AD60 Crosshead Gudgeon Pin Extractor 30/12/52
70438 Engines Class AD60 Brake Gear Adjusting Bolt Ring Spanner 7/1/53
70459 Thick Nut for Longt. Stay in Front Tubeplate 26/2/53
70476 Engines Class C38,D57 & D58 Ashpan Hopper Protection Piece 19/2/53
70706 Engines Class AD60 Arrangement of Steam Heating for RHS DV5 Mechanical Lubricators 27/2/53
70710 Portable Cylinder & Valve Chest Boring Machine Electric Driving Unit – Pulleys 9/3/53
70712 Portable Cylinder & Valve Chest Boring Machine Electric Driving Unit Mild Steel Details 9/3/53
70768 Engines Class AD60 Modified Flexible Hose Connection for Air Sanding and Cylinder Drain Cocks 23/3/53
71059 Engines Class AD60 Modified Blower Pipe in Smokebox 11/5/53
72128 Boilers Class 60,60SY Detail of Internal Pipe for Clackbox Seating 23/12/53
72358 Cardiff Workshops Mechanical Lubricator Test Stand Frame Platform 12/7/51
72533 Cardiff Loco Workshops Tube Rumbling Section Site Plan 11/3/54
72561 Engines Class C38 Blast Pipe Casing Setscrew 18/3/54
72699 Engines Class AD60 Modified Header DraCOnnection 22/4/54
73479 Tailpiece for No.12 Cone Coupling to Suite 3/4″ O.D. Copper Pipe 3/9/54
73500 11 T.P.I. Rigid Steel Wall Stays AD60, AD60 Sy. Boilers Special Maintenance Tap. 6/9/54
73545 Engines Class C36,C38,D58,D55,AD60 Smokebox Insepction Door Strap 27/4/55
73546 Engines Class C36,C38,D58,D55,AD60 Smokebox Inspection Door Bracket 27/4/55
73547 Engines Class C36,C38,D58,D55,AD60 Smokebox Inspection Door Details 27/4/55
73548 Engines Class C36,C38,D58,AD60 Assembly of Smokebox Inspection Door 27/4/55
73553 Engs. Cls. C36,38,D58,59, AD60 Multiple Regulator Header Main Valve Reseating Tool. 15/9/54
73554 Engs. Cls. C36,38,D58,59, AD60 Multiple Regulator Header Pilot & Drifiting Valves Reseating Cutter 15/9/54
73556 Engines Class AD60 (6001-6025) Butterfly type Firedoor Copper Pipes Countinuous Blowdown Valve 15/9/54
73584 Engines Class C38 Westinghouse Drain Pipes Clip and Discharge Tube 23/9/54
73761 Engines Class AD60 Westinghouse Compressor Air Strainer Carrier
73796 Portable Steam Chest Boring Machine Chest Boring Tool 26/10/54
73798 Engines Class AD60 Altered Position of Westinghouse Compressor Air Strainer 26/10/54
73817 Engines Class AD60 Coupled Wheels SKF Axlebox Withdrawal Nud. Ring Spanner 28/10/54
73863 Steamchest cover Wear Liner Bolt 4/10/54
73906 Engine Class AD60 Clack Box Check Valve Body Seat Cutter 22/11/54
73952 Shank for Standard Air Hammer Snaps
73953 Std, Air Hammer Snaps Dummy Snap 1/12/54
73954 Std Air Hammer Snaps Profile of Old and New Button Head Rivets 1/12/54
73956 Std Air Hammer Snaps Profile of New Cup Head Rivits 1/12/54
73957 Std Air Hammer Snaps Profile of Old Cup Head Rivets 1/12/54
73958 Std Air Hammer Snaps Profile of New Rounded Countersunk Head Rivets 1/2/54
73959 Std, Air Hammer Snaps Profile of Old Rounded Countersunk Head. Rivets 1/12/54
73960 Std.Air Hammer Snaps Profile of Ellipsoidal Rivets 4/12/54
74121 Engines Class C38 Leading & Trailing Couple Wheels 11 Plate Spring 10/12/54
74122 Engines Class C38 Driving Coupled Wheel 11-Plate Spring 7/1/55
74259 Engines Class C36 (with C36s boilers) Regulator Control Lever Arrangment of Locking Device 24/2/55
74303 Engines Class AD60 Drivers Brake Valve Pedestal Application of Flowmeter 10/3/55
74304 Engines Class AD60 Applicatiopn of Flowmeter Flowmeter & Indicator Brackets 5/8/55
74305 Engines Class AD60 Drivers Brake Valve Pedestal Cover for Reducing Valve 18/3/55
74306 Drivers Brake Valve Pedestal Application of Flowmeter Modification to Isolating Cock Body 22/3/55
74356 Engine Class AD60 Modified Compensating Beam and Spring Link Pins 30/3/55
74411 Kit Box Bracket 13/4/55
74413 Std. Air Hammer Snaps Profile of Shallow Crown Countersunk Head Rivets 15/4/55
74458 Engine Class AD60 Crossbar Spreader
74472 Engines Class C38 Location of Tender Warning Plate 27/4/55
74611 Engines Class AD60 Hind Inner Bogie Centre Pin Details 5/5/55
74678 Engines Class AD60 (1st 26) Hind Tank Removable Cover Strip 28/6/55
74679 Engines Class AD60 Hind Tank Filling hole Stop for Locking Stirrup
74713 Engines Class C38 Regulator Control Lever Quadrant Facing 30/6/55
74743 Engs. Class AD60 Main Driving Crank Pin Detail of Hole Through Pin 5/7/55
75111 Engines Class AD60 Standard Stoker Type HT Vane Lever 28/9/55
75113 Engines Class AD60 Standard Stoker Type HT Vane Control Handle 29/9/55
75153 Mechanical Lubrication 18′ Flexible Hose 10/10/55
75172 Sand Operating Valve Bracket 12/10/55
75506 Engines Class AD60 Leading,Inter & Trailing Axle 11/1/56
75532 Engines Class C38 (3801 to 3805 & 3830) Withdrawal Sleeve for Main Driving S.K.F. Axlebox 8/2/56
75666 S.K.F. Roller Bearing Axleboxes Maintenance Instructions 13/3/56
75955 Engines Class AD60 Standard Stoker Relief Valve Body and Cap 19/6/56
76067 Engines Class AD60 Ball Joint Oil Check Carrier 25/7/56
76450 Engines (Main Line Classes) Sand Delivery Pipe Extension Hose 21/11/57
76487 Engines Class AD60 Main Driving Wheel Tyres. (Numbers 5 & 12) Application of Item 28 Flangles 15/11/56
76590 Engines Class AD60 Bogie Axlebox Liner 19/12/56
76734 Engines Class AD60 Injector Water Valve Bracket 11/3/57
76747 Engines Class AD60 Injector Steam Cap 11/3/57
76849 Lubrication Nipple 1/2″ B.S.P Expansion Joins & Steamchests 17/1/57
76851 Engines Class AD60 Engine Unit Expansion Join Lubrication Pipe Clip 21/3/57
77032 Smokebox Chimney
77033 Smokebox Blast Pipe & Cap
77035 Smokebox Door & Details
77036 Steam Pipe and Elbows at Smokebox to Hind Engine
77038 Spark Arrester & Details (Engs. No. 6001 to 6015 Only)
77039 Spark Arrester & Details (Engs. No. 6016 to 6042 Only)
77040 Blower & Header Drain Conns. & Valves 24/6/59
77043 Smokebox Liner Plates
77047 Ashpan Side Doors & Details
77048 Ashpan Sliding Bottom Doors
77049 Waugh Firegrate Details
77052 Superheater Header
77053 Superheater Header 6/5/64
77056 Details of Superheater Valves, & Covers, etc
77058 Camshaft Casing, Frame Stay Under Smokebox & Walter Split Bushes
77064 Injector Quick-Action Starting Valve
77071 Westinghouse Brake Driver’s Valves, & Pedestal
77074 Brake Pressure Gauge, Stop Cocks & Unions
77088 Equilibrium Pipe Elbows
77107 Miscellanous Brasswork
77117 Asbestos Mattresses
77118 Handrails & Pillars
77145 Lifting Shackels on Eng. Units and Lifting Brackets on Bed Casting
77151 Flanged Plates & Angles
77152 Pivot Centre Top Casting
77153 Pivot Centre Top Casting
77154 Pivot Centre Wedge, Adjusting Block & Details
77182 Rev. Gear Control Rod and Pull Rods
77183 Rev. Gear Cylinder Bedplate Carrier
77192 Wheel (Outer, Intermediate and Inner Coupled) 4′-8″ Dia.
77200 Axlebox (Coupled) Roller Bearing
77225 Arrangement of Hind Tank (End Views)
77248 Westinghouse Brake Distributing Valve
77250 Westinghouse Brake Cylinder
77251 Carriers for Brake Reservoirs 27/5/58
77257 Steel Pipes (Steam,Exhaust & Equilibrium)
77276 Steel Pipes (Brake)
77277 Steel Pipes (Miscellaneous & Ins. Boiler)
77279 Copper Pipes
77282 Copper Pipes
77285 Copper Pipes
77288 Copper Pipes
77289 Copper Pipes
77290 Copper Pipes
77299 Pins
77310 Pipe Arrangement (Boiler Elevation Hind Portion)
77312 Pipe Arrangement (Boiler Plan Hind Portion)
77341 Arrangement of Hind Tank (End Views)
77352 Copper & Steel Pipes
77824 Engines Class AD60 Injector Carrier
77989 Engines Class AD60 Hadfield Power Reverse Gear Ram Spring 5/11/57
81827 Engines Class AD60 Oil Injection For Wheel Removal 7/10/60
82201 Engines Class AD60 Detail & Application of Modified Trunnions 22/6/61
82287 Engines Class AD60 Coal Conveyor Slides Stop Pin 14/3/61
83144 Engine Class AD60 Bucket Cock Hose Adaptor 12/10/61
86376 Engines Class AD60 Relocation of Front & Rear Numbers & Symbols 12/9/62
87526 Adaptor Nipple (Long) 3/8″ N.P.T. to 1/2″ N.P.T 6/2/63
87527 Engines Class AD60 Alteration to Compressor High Pressure Air Cylinder Lubricator Pipe Line 6/2/63
92907 Engines Class AD60 Blower Ring 4/5/65
CD1909 Chullora Per Way Shops Sling for Lifting C38 Loco Tender Tanks (Max Load = 12 Tons) 26/9/44
ELT1559 Eng. Class. AD.60 Arrangement of Smokebox Ash Deflector Plates 5/4/61
ELT1560 Eng. Class AD.60. Details of Smokebox Ash Deflector, Plates. 5/4/61
ELT1561 Eng. Class AD.60 Details of Cover Plates for Smokebox Ash Deflector Plate 5/4/61
ELT1567 Elbow Connection for Atomizer Steam Test AD60 22/12/61
L-1329 How to Assemble the Ratchet Drive on Class S.1. Mechanical Lubricator to Drg. L.1324 1/5/57
nonumber Schedule Sheets Sub.Section A 24/2/3

3 thoughts on “NSWGR Drawings List

  1. I am looking for the drawings for the main frame casting for the C38 Class Steam Loco. I understand it was a box frame construction.

  2. I’ll have a look through my boxes of drawings and let you know, I know I do have a fair few 38 class ones about.

  3. Hi. Im involved with the state mine railway at lithgow and we’re deperately searching for drawings for the Z26 class, in particular the radial trailing bogie. Would you have any drawings?.

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