API Status

And I haven’t forgotten this either…

After reviewing the code again, what I will do is release a version that will operate a limited set of MSTS controls, in particular the electric locomotive type and one or two types of braking shortly – as this is already working and it gets something out there.

I will also release the sample application that goes with it, with the related VB code.

If I get a few free hours this weekend I’ll try and get it posted by Sunday night.

3 thoughts on “API Status

  1. Hi Karl,

    I like the progress you’ve been making. Looks great. I am working on a similar interface using Visual Basic and Cheat Engine. I am only doing a diesel right now and I have found many of the control variables. I am also thinking it may still be easier to inject keystrokes into MSTS but not sure yet.

    Love to see an update when you have one.

    Thanks for your efforts.


  2. Karl,
    From what I am reading on your site, what you have done looks very interesting.
    I am also in the “club” of having a real control stand to operate a simulation.
    Have you released the API and your “demo” program ?
    Thanks In Advance for you time…

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