Still here…

Well, I am still here – unfortunately my real job has intruded a bit and detracted from hobby time.

However, it has not all been a waste, I managed to pick up one of these in April:

My new master controller

Yes, it’s yet another Red Rattler master controller – this one is complete – I do have one already installed, however after a bit of a touch-up I think this one is in better condition and will put it in.

I also picked up and started working on the 32 port digital I/O module


Apologies for anyone who tried to access the site this morning, a minor DNS snafu occurred.

All fixed now – things are progressing, I’m not too far from a early release of the API


Got it…

Just a brief one as I’ve got a few things to do over the next few days, but I can now drive the default SD40 diesel “keyboardless” – i.e. direct external control. This has the self-lapping type westinghouse and a notched throttle.

I’ll post a screenshot soon.