MSTS and EP Braking

What what I can determine – MSTS believes a EP brake is what we Aussies would call a “straight air” brake – with an emergency function. This is irritating as the Red Rattlers had a dual EP/Westinghouse system in which there were electric application and holding valves – but a full Westinghouse system was also available if the EP brake failed or by selection on the brake stand.

This is proving hard to simulate – I can almost get there by using EP mode and directly manipulating the brake pipe pressure externally – however MSTS won’t activate the brakes on the cars unless the BP pressure drops to near 0 – i.e. it won’t allow gradual Westinghouse and EP – however there are some more avenues of poking around inside the MSTS memory space to see what we can find…

I’ll keep working on it – any ideas email me!

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