Some history of C7487

A bit of history of C7487 – courtesy of John Horne, Michael Kerry and Paul Rogers.

C3487 – available for service – 19.12.1952.

C3487 – to Tulloch Ltd (for four-motor conversion) – 14.12.1969.

C7487 (ex C3487) ex Tulloch Ltd – 13.10.1970.

C7487 – withdrawn – 3.12.1992.  (interestingly this makes it one of the last “manual door”cars to be withdrawn – it must have featured on the M-Sets that survived post Jan-1992)

C7487 – condemned – 22.12.1992.

C7487 – sold – 27.4.1993.

Colour Schemes

C3487 – 12.1952 (as built) – indian red with buff lining.

C7487 – 10.1970 (as remotored) – venetian red with State Coat-of-Arms on white oval background.

C7487 – 5.1975 – blue & white with “Sydney-NSW-Transport” logo.

C7487 – 7.1980 – indian red with white “L7” logo.

C7487 – 9.1990 – indian red with blue/yellow “L7” logo.

When remotored in 1970, the leading passenger vestibule of C7487 was enlargened by moving the transverse bulkhead separating that vestibule from the guard’s area slightly forward. All cars in the 7480-7510 range (except for 7500, the first four-motor conversion) had this modification.

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